Indifference is no longer an option

Photo by GROGL/iStock / Getty Images

Indifference is no longer an optionAmong the many fears I had for years, the greatest was sharing about Jesus with people outside of church.  Crazy, right?  Particularly for a guy who preached regularly and has been in the church all my life.  But why was I so scared?  Because I knew I was a hypocrite.  Not in the sense that I looked down on people and judged them, but because I knew I wasn’t right with God.  How could I share Jesus with someone if I was living a secret life?  That was my fear. 

Fast forward 453 days into my journey of freedom and my perspective has completely changed.  Now my heart breaks for people who are suffering silently and need the love of Jesus.  In fact, it’s hard for me not to cry when I think about how many people in my community are drowning in a sea of shame and guilt.  That was me for 25 years.  I know what it’s like to live in torment and despair. 

Although I preached confidently from the pulpit, inside I never really knew what would happen to me when I would die.  Yes, I gave my life to Jesus in 2003, but sin is chaotic, and it sucked the life out of me.  It took me further then I wanted to go, cost me more than I wanted to pay, and kept me longer than I wanted to stay.  But that wasn’t the end of my story.  The Spirit of God was with me on my darkest day and His mercy, grace, and love led me to freedom.  I am only here because of Him.  

And now, because of what I’ve experienced with God, I’m obsessed with loving people.  All types of people.  I’m not concerned with their background, ethnicity, political opinions, nationality, gender, or otherwise.  I love everyone.  I want people to experience the same thing I’ve experienced.  I don’t care where they are at.  I’m rolling up my sleeves and running towards the mess.  Indifference is no longer an option. 

This is the cry of my heart as we prepare to lead the first of many Without Fail Conferences.  Enough is enough.  We will share the love of Jesus with as many people as we possibly can.  And this won’t only be in the safety of a church building, but in every area of our lives.