The Path of Freedom (part 3)


Have you ever watched the film Meet Joe Black?  If so, perhaps you’ll remember that it’s a movie about Death (played by Brad Pitt) coming to earth and choosing a media mogul named Bill Parrish (played by Anthony Hopkins) to show him what life is all about.  Eventually, Death tells Parrish that he’s taking him out of this world.  Hang with me for a moment because I do have a point and it’s not about death. 

Parrish has two daughters.  Because Death follows Parrish everywhere, he starts to spend time with one of Parrish’s girls (Susanne) and eventually they fall in love.  Towards the end of the film, Death let’s Parrish know that in addition to taking him, he’ll also be taking his youngest daughter whom he loves.  Obviously, Parrish resists and challenges Death saying that the deal was only that he would be leaving this world, not Susanne.  Death responds defiantly saying that he can do whatever he wants and reaffirms his love for her. 

Parrish, a marked man, pushes back again and this is the part of the story that helped me visualize why I needed to confess all my sin to Maty.  Disgusted, Parrish laughs in Death’s face and questions how his love for Susanne can be real.  “How can you say you love her, she doesn’t know who you really are.”  That line stopped me in my tracks and I thought long and hard about what it meant in my life.  I started to ask myself the same question.  How could I say that I loved Maty, she didn’t even know who I really was?

Then Parrish continues and drops truth on Death: “If you really love Susanne, reveal everything about yourself and let the chips fall where they may.”  In the days leading up to my confession, I thought a lot about this statement.  If you really love Maty; if you really care about Maty; if you really want to honor Maty, then tell her everything and let the chips fall where they may.  I didn’t know where the chips were going to fall.  The only thing I knew was that I couldn’t keep playing the role of a poser and a fake.  I refused to keep living a lie.  I determined to reveal to Maty who I really was.  And as daunting as that seemed at the time, I drew near to God and He drew near to me (James 4:8).  He encouraged my heart as I prepared and developed a strategy with my circle of support.  I put the confession and the impact it would have on Maty completely in His hands.  At the same time, I prayed for Maty and trusted that He was ministering to her heart in preparation for the worst night of her life. 

In part 4 I will describe that night and the days that followed.