The Path of Freedom (part 2)


Colleville-sur-Mer, France (Omaha Beach)

Gentle waves crashed in predictable rhythm under a cloudy sky and steady rain.  Standing on the bluff overlooking the frigid Atlantic, I focused the lens of my camera and snapped several photos.  Pausing for a moment between shots, I tried to imagine what Allied soldiers must have experienced 73 years before as their landing crafts approached the Atlantic Wall so heavily defended by Hitler’s army and enormous defenses. 

The Germans thought their wall was impenetrable.  But their belief was not shared by Allied Forces.  And as I walked on the sandy beach and contemplated this contrast, I started to apply D-Day to my journey.  If I would have listened to the "enemy", I would have heard repeatedly that it would be impossible for me to defeat my past or in other words, my “Atlantic Wall”.  But I didn’t.  Instead, I stopped walking and looked inland.  Directly in front of me was the American Cemetery and I could see the American Flag from where I was.  I contemplated that what was thought to be impossible, was only a thought, it wasn’t reality.  Sure, it wasn't easy and there’s a cemetery and memorial as a constant reminder of the immense sacrifice.  But with the right strategy, what was termed impenetrable would eventually crumble and freedom would be won under the blessing of God and the courage, tenacity and sacrifice of many brave soldiers.

And that was the encouragement I needed as I faced the biggest battle of my life.  Instead of looking at the impossibilities, I took a lesson from history and determined on Omaha Beach that I would approach confessing 25 years of sin to my wife and the subsequent recovery just like D-Day.  I needed a strategy that would require an allied force composed of several Christian men (email me if you want more info regarding what this looked like) who would guide me through the initial planning phase.  During this time, I would seek their counsel about how best to prepare for the day I would confess (my D-Day) and the subsequent follow-through. 

Still walking on the beach, I pulled up a worship song on my phone and began talking with Holy Spirit.  I thanked Him for walking with me and shared my heart with Him.  I surrendered the entire battle to Him and strengthened myself in His presence.  Then we looked at the ridge overlooking the coast and Jesus spoke to my heart.  He reminded me that in my strength there’s only impossibility, but in His, everything is possible.  With that, I went back to my car and drove away confident that the giant I faced would crumble.