"Life was going well. A recent Christian with big dreams and high hopes, Felicia was settling into her new life as an Au Pair in Michigan.  22 years old and from France, her eyes were wide open to all the possibilities her future held.  But then the unthinkable happened: her sister died in childbirth.  Felicia’s world was rocked.  She traveled home for the funeral and to spend time with her family.  A few weeks later, she felt God wanted her to go back to the States and continue her work.  She joined a new family, but after a few days she was asked to leave.  Determined to continue, Felicia trusted God for a new opportunity which she found in Boston.  However, after four months the situation with this family proved to be unstable and Felicia thought it best to move on.  If she looked at her situation with human eyes, it would look like everything she hoped for was lost and that it would be better to give up.  Instead of giving up, she decided to walk by faith, pursuing the good plan God has for her life.  Her passion is to talk with others about what God has done in her life and how she is recovering all she thought was lost."

- Felicia


"I was living a double life. When I finally shared in March of 2017 with my girlfriend that I had been struggling with pornography for a year without telling her, it was devastating to her. I made the hard realization that having secrets from the godly, Christian woman I was pursuing with intention of marriage brought nothing positive. It did not matter I was sharing in a 12-step group, had a sponsor, and praying to God for help. I was secretly cheating on her in our relationship and I was blind to think it was ok. The next two months were brutally hard as we both had so much pain and hurt, and as I was still coming out of my blindness because of my sin. We decided to see a Christian counselor in June to try to give our relationship a shot.

In meeting with him together I was confronted with the reality lust was not just something that was bad for me, but sin that separated me from God and others, especially my girlfriend. I had to make some choices. Would I continue to pursue God, recognize I was in the wrong, and that he had the ability to bring hope and restoration if I turned from what I was doing? Would I dare to believe again that God had the power to bring freedom from my sins of lust, pornography, and masturbation? After a year being in recovery but enslaved to lust and pornography, I had lost hope in God being able or willing to bring freedom and healing.

Honesty was the difficult and painful action that brought me freedom. My counselor provided guidance in how to share with my girlfriend what I had struggled with in the past, setup guidelines for how to share going forward, and provided suggestions on giving up freedoms in order to be able to get sobriety. It was so difficult in the early days and is still difficult, but this honesty and transparency have brought healing to me, my girlfriend, and our relationship. We now have deep, true intimacy because I am open and honest with her about my struggles. God has used walking in the light together with her, my counselor, and my friend Travis to bring me freedom. I have hope again, life is so much better in honest sobriety, and God has brought me to a good place. I still am tempted, I still have hard days, but I am now able to share with those closest to me so they can pray for me and walk alongside me. I am not alone, and you are not alone. God can bring you hope and freedom too."

- Matthew


Watch Jean and Jeff's story and see how God saved their marriage after 32 years of struggles. There is hope and there is a promise of a morning after night. Do not give up. When you decide to partner with God, pursue and recover what you thought was lost, He is ALWAYS faithful to His promise to walk with you!

- Jean and Jeff