Although the loss we face can be immense, we believe that when we decide to trust in God and walk with Him, His strength sustains us. It allows us to PURSUE our loss. After David reminded himself of all that God had done for him, he wiped the tears from his eyes and asked God a question in front of all his men: shall I pursue this troop? God’s response was direct and I believe it was a thunderous statement. He said, “pursue, for without fail you will RECOVER all.” Man, does this get me pumped up! Think about the power in that promise. It must have been audible because it changed the minds of the 600 men who just a moment ago were set on executing David. Instead of stoning him, they put their heads together and formed a strategy; a battle plan.

Now this is where I want to pause for a moment and apply their experience to our situations. We are fooling ourselves if we think deciding to PURSUE what we have lost is going to happen without a fight. Quite the opposite. It will require a comprehensive spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational strategy. Notice that God didn’t say, “David, sure thing little buddy, you guys hang tight and I’ll go find the Amalekites and get your families and belongings back.” No! David and his army had received orders from God to go and PURSUE, but there was still a battle involved. The same is true for us. We walk by faith and from the place of victory, but we still must fight and PURSUE. Should we choose to sit on the sidelines, we won’t be lonely, loss will fill the seats on our left and right.