The Beauty and the Beast (Part I)


Belle stands by the cell in which her father is imprisoned. She has a conversation with the Beast but she can’t see him. She considers her options. She can run away and try to forget about the experience. She could even try to convince herself, overtime, that this didn’t happen. Or, she can fight but she is unsure about what she is up against. The darkness is overwhelming, it is cold, it is frightening. Nothing about her condition is pleasing. The odds of coming out alive are thin. She could lose everything including her own life.

How did she get into this situation in the first place? Oh, that’s right, she was searching for her Father, she was doing the right thing, she was being a good daughter. She doesn’t deserve neither the mess she is in nor her fate. But, she has the option to leave. The Beast offers that option but that is her choice.

She pauses for a second. Her entire life is in front of her. She is about to make a decision that could and would change the rest of her existence. And she decides to take her father’s place. The Beast stops in his tracks amazed that someone would sacrifice themselves for another. But before she commits to her decision, she asks the unthinkable. She takes a long gaze into the dark, hesitates for a moment and gives voice to unconceivable words that will bring forth the worst she has ever seen: “come into the Light”. Her words are soft but determined. She wants to find out what is starring at her on the other side of darkness.

As the Beast enters the Light, the sight of him terrifies her. How could this be real? How could someone be so frightening? She has never seen anything like this. Even in her most awful dreams, nothing that horrific has never been depicted. This Beast is tall, strong, unreal, unpleasant to the eyes; he looks like he is coming out of an unreal world. A world she never knew existed.  Her innocence is shattered. She would now never forget the very thing that she asked to see.

Against all odds and predictions, she takes a leap of faith and DECIDES to stay. At this very moment, her life looks extremely grim. But deep down, she sees something in the Beast. She sees something in her predicament. She takes on the challenge starting at the darkest place, with no promises of a bright future and no guarantee of a future at all.