We all deal with loss. Whatever that loss is, we believe God wants us to PURSUE and RECOVER everything we thought was lost. In 1 Samuel 30, David and his men were in a similar position. After fleeing King Saul for enemy territory, they aligned themselves with the Philistines and were preparing to fight against Israel. However, Philistine leadership identified them as a vulnerability and told them to leave and go back to their city. Marching home, they all thought of their current situation and were no doubt ready to embrace their families and get back to their routines. But as they crested the hill and their city came into view, they were shocked to see smoke rising from their besieged home. Nothing was left. They had lost everything. The Bible tells us that all the men, around 600, wept until they had no more strength to weep. Despair turned to rage. After wrapping their minds around what had happened, they turned to the one who led them into this mess; David. Furious, they all had blood in their eyes. David would have to die for what he had done to them. Imagine what David was thinking about. Not only were 600 trained killers approaching him with stones in their fists, he too was thinking of his missing family. No doubt his mind was racing through the series of issues that brought him to his current frightful situation. Panic. Anxiety. Fear. Feelings of immense sorrow and hopelessness could have led him to a number of responses. Suicide, retreat, agreement with being stoned to death for his failures as a leader…but the Bible tells us that he didn’t respond in any of those ways. Instead, he strengthened himself in the Lord and prayed. Let that sink in for a moment. Another way to think of this is that David decided to trust God. And just like David, we too can make the same decision as we face loss. We don’t have to run. We don’t have to despair. We don’t have to accept the judgement others place on our shoulders. We can DECIDE to strengthen ourselves in the Lord and pray.